I just installed LAMP on a new CentOS 7 server – why are my php-openssl commands undefined?

Shawn Bradley asked:

I have some scripts that utilize some of the openssl PHP functions, such as openssl_opbkdf2. I am migrating from an Ubuntu server to a newly-created CentOS 7 server with a fresh install of the entire LAMP stack. Despite hours and hours of googling, I am unable to figure out how to enable these PHP functions. Here is a link that illustrates my problem. And here is a link that shows my current configuration.

As is plain from the info list, OpenSSL is installed and working. Every indication I can find leads me to believe these commands should be available. But they’re not! What am I missing?

My answer:

You installed PHP 5.4, but the PHP functions you are trying to use were introduced in PHP 5.5.

Use the remi and remi-php55 repositories to update your system to PHP 5.5 (or choose a later version).

It should be sufficient to install the appropriate remi-release RPM, enable the remi and remi-php55 repositories, and then yum update.

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