Qemu qmp snaphot-drive

Husain Bhala asked:

what is the correct method to use qemu qmp snapshot-drive ?

Is there any other way to create snapshot of qcow2 based VPS without using virsh snapshot-create ? They seem to corrupt the filesystem on VPS.

My answer:

To get a consistent filesystem snapshot, you need all of the following:

  1. The qemu-guest-agent must be installed and running in the guest.
  2. Run virsh domfsfreeze guestname before taking the snapshot. This tells the qemu-guest-agent to stop all filesystem activity and bring it to a consistent state.
  3. Take your snapshot.
  4. Run virsh domfsthaw guestname after taking the snapshot. This tells the qemu-guest-agent to allow filesystem activity to resume. But the snapshot will remain as it was when frozen above.
  5. Back up the snapshot.

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