radtest no response from outside localhost

muntasir2000 asked:

I have set up freeradius in a Microsoft Azure VM. When I radtest from, it sends Access-Accept. But when I run radtest from another computer, freeradius doesn’t respond. I am running freeradius in debug mode to see any debug output.
I have assigned a public IP to my VM. When I run radtest john testpassword x.x.x.x 0 testing123 (where x.x.x.x is my public IP) from other machine other than the VM running freeradius, no response from server.
I have also enabled endpoints in Azure portal to allow port 1812 and 1813 publicly.
I am running Ubuntu 14.04 with freeradius v2.2.9 and radiusdesk with nginx

Endpoint configuration:

endpoint setup http://oi66.tinypic.com/2qd0iuf.jpg

My answer:

RADIUS uses UDP ports, but you have not opened UDP ports in your endpoint configuration. Once you fix the endpoint configuration to open the correct ports, you should be able to communicate with the FreeRADIUS server.

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