Track what is causing AWS RDS to use insanely high bandwidth

Safwan Erooth asked:

We are having a high traffic (100K hit/day) Drupal news website hosted on AWS. Its behind cloudflare & 2 Load Balanced Varnish servers. For some reason the bandwidth usage is very high for RDS. This is after having all the cache tables hosted in memcache in Elastic Cache. 100% of the traffic are anonymous. Except for new or updated content the traffic is served from varnish.

But still the RDS Bandwidth is very high. For example by 18th of this month the usage is already 15TB+. This cost is killing the whole site.

How can we detect what is eating all the bandwidth? How do we go and find out the root cause?

See the detail copied our my billing page:

$0.000 per GB - data transfer in per month  -   4.808 GB  -     $0.00
$0.000 per GB - first 1 GB of data transferred out per month    -  1 GB  -  $0.00
$0.010 per GB - regional data transfer - in/out/between EC2 AZs or using IPs or ELB  -  15,147.744 GB   - $151.48
$0.120 per GB - up to 10 TB / month data transfer out   - 20.759 GB      -  $2.49

Total: $153.97
Region Total:   $154.04

My answer:

You should always use the private IP addresses to communicate between your various infrastructure components (RDS, ElastiCache, whatever). If you use the public IP address, then you will be billed for regional data transfer, because the traffic leaves and re-enters AWS.

Check your application carefully for something that is inappropriately accessing a backend component using a public IP address.

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