Multiple TXT fields for same subdomain

chrisvdb asked:

I would like to understand if multiple TXT records for the same subdomain are ok or could lead to issues. In particular, we have the requirement for one SPF record and one Google Domain Verification record on the root domain.

In AWS Route 53 they explicitly support this in the following way:

Enter multiple values on separate lines. Enclose text in quotation
marks. Example:
“Sample Text Entries”
“Enclose entries in quotation marks”

This way a single TXT field can contain both the SPF and Google Domain Verification records.

When I asked on the other hand they suggested to add two separate TXT records as the Route 53 method is not supported.

My answer:

The way described is the way you create multiple records on Route 53.

Entering two values in the textarea separated by a newline will result in two distinct records in the DNS. This is why Amazon call it a “record set” – it is a set of records.

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