Are ansible handlers defined in roles ran after the entire playbook or the role?

Peter Turner asked:

I’m running ansible 2.0, and I could just run this, but I could also be tricked in to believing something that isn’t true by my empirical tests and I can find no documentation to tell me when handlers are supposed to be ran.

If handlers aren’t ran at the end of their tasks, this is my conundrum. I’ve got a playbook with 5 roles in it, I want to add a 6 role to the end that needs to have the handlers of the 4th role completed before it can start.

Is there any way to run ansible to rely on a handler being completed (i.e. a role being completely completed) before doing something else or am I using handlers wrong?

My answer:

I routinely run playbooks which use multiple roles.

Each role that contains handlers runs those handlers at the end of that role, not at the end of the entire playbook.

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