How many anycast ips can be created per /24 net?

Florian asked:

How many anycast ips can I create with one ipv4 /24 net? I know I need a whole /24 net to do anycast, but how many of those ips can I do with one? With a anycast ip address I mean one address for doke servers.

Here an example what I mean:

What I got:
  - 6 Servers (a-f)

What I want to do:
  - is for server a, b and c
  - is for server d, e and f

I searched a long time but I couldnt find an answer.

My answer:

Anycast means you are announcing a route to your assigned /24 via BGP from multiple physical networks on the Internet. In general, the closest (on the network, not necessarily physical distance) one to any given user’s ISP gets used for any given connection.

Because the entire /24 is announced, every usable address in the block is anycast.

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