Cannot kill self-firing intinite loop PHP Apache processes

camursm asked:

I’ve fired a PHP file by mistake that calls itself and creates an infinite loop.

Now I’m trying to purge these processes, and I’ve done the following:

  • tried to kill the processes with kill pid, but more and more processes are created indefinitely
  • restarted Apache, this kills the main process and all the children, but as soon as I start Apache, they are all back
  • reinstalling Apache

I’m clueless as to what I can do next.

Any suggestions?

UPDATE: This is the part of the code that causes the script to call itself over and over

function run_background_process($url, $params) {

  // do a normal cURL POST
  $cmd = 'curl -X POST ';
  // append the URL to the script
  $cmd .= $url;
  // add any variables that needs to be passed to the target script
  $cmd .= ' -d "' . $params . '"';
  // run it in the background so it does not affect page load
  $cmd .= " > /dev/null 2>&1 &"; 
  // execute
  exec($cmd, $output, $exit); 
  return $exit == 0;


So, the script calls itself using cuRL (run_background_process(site_url) is called earlier in the script)

My answer:

Rename the PHP file. It will then be unable to call itself.

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