How to certify a domain that's used only for redirections and hast no hosting?

Brachamul asked:

I migrated a site from to

HTTPS was enforced all over, so most incoming links to oldsite are going to

My domain used to point to a host which had a certificate for it. However, the domain now redirects to, and the host contains a certificate for that instead.

So people using direct links like receive a SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN error.

My question is the following : how do I certify a domain that doesn’t have a host attached to it ?

Further info :

  • My domain name provider is OVH, the redirection is setup there

  • My host is PythonAnywhere

My answer:

I have no idea what your question is supposed to mean. There is no such thing as “certify a domain that doesn’t have a host attached to it”.

But you actually solve the problem by installing a TLS certificate for the old domain.

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